About Us

What is Community Care?

The basic need in everyone’s life is being well taken care of from childhood to elder ages. However, double income becomes the norm to support a family and providing good quality care is almost a burden nowadays under globaliation. Therefore, “community care” appears to be a necessary measure for supporting the stability of families.


Everyone in a community is inter-depending. Upbringing of the youngsters and caring for the elders are not only the challenge within a family, but also the responsibility of an advanced community. “Community Care” was uncovered from the level of family duty and ascended to social work. Thus, more jobs were created in the community and the stress of some families could be relief.


Caring we provided can be categorized into 5 types. They are “Baby Care”, “Pre-school Care”, “After-school Care for primary school kids”, “Elder Care”, and “Housework Service”. Providing good quality care results in benefits of sharing family duties and improving the quality of family life.


The Spirit of Community Care

It is a common value for people to obtain the basic needs of living(social right). The realization of social right is rooted in the operation within a community. Taiwan Community Care Association was founded in 2006 and is a non-profit organization for promoting community care system. We chose an elephant as our logo image for its peace-loving, highly-social, strong and stable characteristics. And our community service is based on our belief as the following.

  • Non-profit

Love and patience are the core of caring service. We insist of being a non-profit organization and maintain this value by mutual help. The right and dignity of care providers can also be safeguarded.


  • Affordable price

Providing averaged families their much needed care serves as the ultimate reliance in an aging and less-child society. Therefore, we provide caring service in an affordable price for most families.


  • Averaged quality

“Non-profit” and “affordable price” do not mean a low quality of service. We provide the care with an averaged quality. And it is the service that one can be confident and comfortable with.


  • Women help women

“You give me a job in your home so I support you to work away from home.” Women help women so every one can have a job. And families can also receive good care.


  • Promoting a sustainable community and an economic network

Community care system promotes economic activities and creates job opportunities. This system also effectively solves some problems in an aging and less-child society. Besides, the sustainability of a community and its economic can be retained.